May 21, 2024

Patience Is a Virtue: 3 Long-Term Social Media Advertising Benefits

Social media can be hard to manage — both personally and professionally. If you’re just starting to market your business, it’s especially discouraging to see a low follower count and sparse interactions on your posts. However, many social media advertising benefits aren’t evident immediately.

Here are three ways advertising on social media platforms can transform your business, particularly if you stay consistent.

1. Building Brand Awareness

Although awareness alone doesn’t guarantee devoted customers, it’s a vital starting point. By creating business profiles and posting on a regular basis, you’re establishing the imagery and language that define your brand identity.

From there, investing in paid ads will expose potential customers beyond your regular following to your offerings. And keep this in mind: just because you don’t see an immediate boost in sales doesn’t mean you won’t reap any advertising benefits. In fact, research suggests consumers need to see a brand’s message at least seven times before buying is even on the table. That’s why patiently establishing baseline brand awareness is critical.

2. Knowing Your Target Audience On a Deeper Level

It’s important to note that brand awareness is not posting all day, every day across as many social media channels as possible. Facebook ads won’t convince users to buy your product — whether they’ve seen your message seven or 700 times — if your consumers aren’t on that platform.

Business owners should strive to fully know their target audience, including where they invest their hours online. Investigate the average ages and demographics on each social media platform, then determine if those characteristics overlap with your potential customers. If you don’t feel comfortable conducting this research on your own, consider finding a digital marketing consultant.

Once you know where to look, social media offers a unique opportunity to understand your consumers on a deeper level. What do they like to post about? Which influencers do they follow? What hashtags and search terms do they use? And how do your offerings line up with all these things they enjoy?

Social media makes this incredible knowledge accessible, informing marketers on how to connect with target audiences in a more meaningful, natural way. Just like any other relationship though, getting to know someone takes time.

3. Improve Your Ranking on Search Engines

This advertising benefit often comes as a surprise, but social media and SEO are growing increasingly entwined. Here’s why: Google and other search engines consider website visits a key indicator of your credibility. Few things generate more site visits than a well-designed, clickable social ad.

That being said, the quality of your website’s content ultimately matters more to search engines than the number of page visits. But social media platforms serve an essential role here too. Your social pages are a testing ground for content.

When you post an article, blog, or video from your site, it’s easy to judge how it performs. Study what content (including both organic posts and paid ads) gets the most likes and shares. From there, you’ll know what information matters most to your target audience, and you can adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Looking For More Advertising Benefits?

You didn’t build your business in a day, and you probably can’t attract a tremendous following overnight either. However, having an experienced digital marketing team on your side can speed up the process.

We’ll build a strategy based on your individual needs. Maybe you just need help building brand awareness on social media platforms. Maybe you aren’t even sure who your target audience is. No matter where you are in your marketing journey, our services help build relationships with the people who matter.

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