August 5, 2021

Introducing Accord v1.0, the new Web App from Mastic, now free for All Current Customers

San Antonio, TX - August 5th, 2021 - Mastic, a top Digital Consultancy for B2B and B2C organizations around the nation, announces the launch of their new Web App.

We are incredibly excited to announce a brand new tool in the arsenal of professional digital products that we use to enhance our customer’s brands and reputations across the nation.

Today the Mastic Web App, version 1.0 is now live and in Beta.

The Accord App is a one-stop portal to all things related to your digital services. In the Accord Web App, customers will now have one secure account per organization and per person involved in services. Each organization can have an unlimited number of employees added to their account to ensure all parties involved have the same information on hand. The best part is that Accord is completely free for all current customers.

Each organization account is fully featured with:

- A new beautiful UI and simplified Client Dashboard

- Project Overview of Services, Budgets, Due Dates, and Timelines

- Live Statuses and Calendar Views on the Latest On-Going Projects

- An In-App Technology Viewer to approve your new custom built sites, apps, and tech in Mobile, Landscape, or Desktop views as we build them.

- Integrated Service Calendar you can use to book service anytime in the app.

- Easy Ticket Submission for when you don’t need a meeting; you just need awesome work done fast.

- Built-In Analytics for those Customer running on-going Marketing Campaigns

- Built in Storage Clouds for easy download of all new media assets

- Conditional Views; the App knows which services you’ve purchased and will configure your account to show you the info most relevant to you.

- And so much more.

Accord is built with love in-house by our talented team. It is a new step in the evolution of our company and a sign of our steadfast commitment to provide excellent digital services to each and every one of our customers.

If you are a current customer and you would like to enjoy the new Accord Web App and its many benefits then please get in touch with your Point of Contact to onboard your organization today; free of charge. The Accord Web App is also free for all new customers to ensure you also get the best in quality digital care.

As the Accord Web App is now in live Beta, please consider giving us your feedback as we are already hard at work on new iterations, features, and upgrades that will launch over time.

Thank you for being part of our digital family from all of us here at Mastic Media.

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