November 21, 2023

Productivity. What it is and what it isn't.

Many times in your journey you will be faced with many decisions or an overwhelming schedule. Sometimes, we think that Productivity is about volume or how much we get done. This is incorrect, productivity is about:

⏱️ The right tasks, not the most tasks. The next task is whatever is most urgent, important, and impactful. Urgent but not important or important but not urgent can wait.

⏱️ When faced with conflicting priorities, consider the optimal route. What will be the consequences of each? How will those projects impact you down the road? Can the “Road Less Traveled By” or creative solutions provide you with alternatives you never considered?

⏱️ Don’t generalize, actually quantify. What are the projections and forecasts for each path, do you have a quick process for accurate decision-making? Do you have support systems that provide data-based reporting to utilize factual data in your decisions? Do you make sure to factor that into the way you operate?

⏱️Identify Noise vs. Value, these details matter. Is your social media use a distraction? Deprioritize it. If are you using Social for marketing and actual connections then highly prioritize it. It’s not the channel or the activity alone but its use case that brings value.

Not sure where to start? We’re happy to get you started with a free consultation but open and upfront pitch aside - implementing even a few of these tips should help you on your way to a highly productive Quarter and Year!

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