June 8, 2023

Mastic Unveils New AI Capabilities, Empowering Customers with Enhanced Marketing AI

Mastic Media, a leading provider of innovative solutions, is thrilled to announce the integration of new AI capabilities into its renowned Mastic app! With a focus on delivering exceptional marketing AI, the latest updates will offer customers a specialized and fine-tuned version of the app.

The Mastic app has undergone significant enhancements, now showcasing cutting-edge AI functionalities, including a finely-tuned marketing AI powered by Chat GPT 3. In the upcoming weeks, all Mastic app users will have access to a specialized AI service, completely free of charge.

One of the standout features of the new AI capabilities is the ability for customers to receive accurate and reliable answers through chat-based interactions. These responses are generated by AI and vetted by trusted sources approved by Mastic, ensuring the utmost credibility and quality.

In addition to the enhanced app features, Mastic is also pleased to offer AI development projects for sale. Leveraging our team's expertise, we have been specializing in AI long before the launch of Chat GPT 3, which revolutionized the availability and potential of AI capabilities as an open-source solution for the world to benefit from.

At Mastic, we recognize the ethical responsibility that accompanies the deployment of AI. We are dedicated to executing each AI project with the highest regard for safety and quality standards that our esteemed clients have come to expect. Furthermore, our generative AI capabilities extend beyond text, enabling us to reliably generate video, photo, and comprehensive written materials.

While we embrace cutting-edge technologies, we firmly believe that technology should never replace the knowledge and care that human beings can provide. Therefore, our AI projects are designed to complement, rather than disrupt, existing economic ecosystems.

Contact us today to explore the vast possibilities and discover how AI can be deployed to drive innovation and success within your organization. Give us a call today! (210) 538-2747

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