Are you Digital But Frustrated?

So you’ve spent endless hours liking people’s posts, networking online, sending messages, sharing funny memes and expanding your digital network, yet you don’t seem to be gaining the traction you truly want. This frustration can lead to discouragement, but a few simple fixes in this article will have you motivated and ready to effectively tackle the ever-changing world of social media.

Having a presence on a platform is not enough to get others to notice you.

Having a few interactions with others, and periodically posting, will go widely unrecognized. It is important to make your presence purposeful. Doing digital well is about creating meaningful interactions with others, in a way that promotes your organization by creating interactive relationships with your audience. Being bold in your communication is key to doing this efficiently. Commenting on articles or discussions written by thought leaders will help you gain important knowledge while allowing you to get your name out. Commenting on posts from people who are searching for your services will allow audiences to enjoy 

Marketing vs Average Postings

Once you establish a platform and your posting consistently, it is important to establish a clear marketing plan for your social media presence. This can include interactions, shares, likes, re-posts, or blogs, but without a clear strategy that identifies who your audience is, what kind of content they relate to, and how you're going to connect with them you might not truly see the effects of reaching that audience. The key here is to trade in simply showing up online in favor offering a meaningful experience to audiences.

Content With Content

Your content should be relevant to those in your target audience (we will get to this in a moment) and they should be relevant to your company. If neither of those requirements is met, then you are, essentially, posting fluff. Fluff material may be entertaining or eye-catching but it doesn’t necessarily promote your company. We should always strive to give our customers a reason to return, both to use our products or services and to see what our new social platforms are offering. This sparks their curiosity and also allows them to count on you as a reliable, relevant source. Don't be afraid to weed out the fluff by continually checking the standard metrics that come pre-packaged with social media pages. These insights should at minimum tell you how many views and engagements your posts are receiving. Perform on the fly Split A/B tests by comparing one post with another and then following the trends to slowly identify what about your successful posts makes them successful. Capitalize on these factors by posting more content that truly relates to your audience.

Target Your Audience

Above we mentioned a little bit on getting to know your audience. But let's really dig in here. Who are you trying to sell to? What type of people are they? What do they like? Why do they like it?

Let's face it. We've all been hit by relentless ads and felt annoyed or overwhelmed when they really have nothing to do with our needs. Most of the time, we simply delete them if we can and move on with our lives. However, on a rare occasion, an ad fits what we're looking for and we reward it with a click to find out more about the details. The difference between the two is that a marketer took the time to understand their audience so as to make sure what the experience they were offering made sense. So let's be Fishers of Men and prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to understand the people we're trying to reach and to know which people we should start with in order to provide a specific outreach experience with our efforts. Prayer and some market research, after all, can really help us go a long way to really reaching the audiences that most need and most want our message.

These tips and some elbow grease should help you get well on your way to removing all of that digital frustration on social media!

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